DESCRIPTION. General Care for Sedum nussbaumerianum. It resembles a jade plant (Crassula ovata) but its stems are more flexible and slender than a jade plant's. The starry, white flowers double up the beauty during winter. Sedum adolphii (confused with S. nussbaumerianum) ... Sedum dendroideum is a Mexican species. Sedum adophi produces white, star-shaped flowers in spring. Sedum Adolphii Firestorm cuttings Golden Sedum Adolph’s Sedum Reddish Tip Tint Succulent Sedum Species Stonecrop orange Rosettes There are over 400 different species of sedum—a flowering plant of leaf succulents that is often cultivated for its hardiness and beauty. Each type is distinguished by the color of its leaves. The leaves develop orange or reddish tips when exposed to bright sunlight. It’s a rapid grower, and of course, it’s a beauty. Sedum acre – Wall-pepper, Goldmoss Sedum, Goldmoss Stonecrop, Biting Stonecrop Sedum adolphii – Golden Sedum PLANTFILES. Sedum adolphii on Tenerife. Sedum Succulents come in a wide variety of heights, colors, and forms. California Sunset is a hybrid between Graptopetalum paraguayense and Sedum adolphi. The rosettes also produce new leaves and shed the old ones. FORUMS. Sedum adolphii, Sedum nussbaumerianum. View picture of Sedum Species, Stonecrop, Golden Sedum (Sedum nussbaumerianum) at Dave's Garden. No garden or landscape is complete without the presence of the hardy, easy-to-grow, and succulent sedum plants. Description If the name implies a color, like Sedum adolphii ‘Golden Glow’ or Sedum spurium ‘Red Carpet’, it is a good bet that it develops vivid coloring with more sun. Invasive Species Compendium. Filter by type Search Advanced search ... Sedum adolphii Index. disclaimer: no copyright intended. Genus: Sedum. A common joke among gardeners is that stones are the only things that require less care and less water than Sedums. They are perfect for rock gardens and ground covers. Golden stonecrop, or wall-pepper (Sedum acre), white stonecrop (S. album), and Caucasian stonecrop (S. spurium, sometimes Phedimus spurius) are mosslike mat formers often found on rocks and walls.Useful garden ornamentals include the orpine, or livelong (S. telephium), with red-purple flowers; and October plant (S. sieboldii), with pink flowers and blue-green leaves. ARTICLES. Types of Sedum Succulents 1. The banana-shaped succulent leaves are about 2 to 3 inches in size and have with pointed ends. Sedum adolphii. Sedum Adolphii Firestorm. We like to divide sedum into two main categories based on the plants’ growth habits: low-growing sedum and upright sedum. Sedum adolphi Firestorm™ is a striking selection of golden sedum, displaying cant-miss red margins in bright light or cool temps. Ordo: Saxifragales. Indoor/outdoor plant, summer in southern Michigan. Scientific Name: Sedum L. (Crassulaceae) adolphii Hamet. If you specifically want varieties that change color, look for those that already display some color in their foliage. credits goes to its rightful owners. This makes them perfect for use as a ground cover along paths, in rock gardens, or cascading down a stone wall. Sedum: 320 species from Acre clade. Coastal Stonecrop. They look great against the clusters of pink flowers that appear in autumn. ... Sedum adolphii in open air on Tenerife. Europe and North America. In particular Sedum section Sedum is divided into series (see Clades) More recently, two subgenera have been recognised, Gormania and Sedum. ), or stonecrop, is a resilient succulent that consists of about 400 species that grow pink, white, red or yellow, butterfly-attracting, star-shaped flowers. Sedum Adolphii belongs to the family of the Crassulaceae, commonly called Golden Sedum or Golden Glow.. And it is a plant originally from Mexico. Sedum adolphi R.-Hamet. Botanical Name: Sedum adolphii. Sedum adolphii. See more ideas about Sedum, Succulents, Plants. It is 20cm in length and it produces green-yellow rosettes that grow 3.5cm long. Golden Sedum. Nov 6, 2018 - Explore Barbara Henderson's board "Sedum varieties", followed by 145 people on Pinterest. Related Plants 'Firestorm' 'Golden Glow' 'Lime Gold' Nursery Availability Most green sedum varieties remain green in all conditions. All pictures are contributed by our community. Adolphii Firestorm These brightly-colored plants range from orange to red, depending on lighting conditions. Botanical Name: Sedum litoreum Guss Cladus: Eudicots. Golden Sedum (Sedum adolphii) The golden sedum can attain a height of between 10 and 12 inches and spreads to about 24 inches. Sedum Plant List Find Your Favorite Stonecrop Varieties & Species Here. This stemmed succulent grows well indoors and looks its best in full sun. The good thing about this Sedum succulent? Tribus: Sedeae. Sedum is also known as stonecrops thanks to their tough growing habit and their ability to thrive in drought and poor soil. Low–growing sedum spreads along the ground, reaching only a few inches (or less) in height. A graceful and charming plant, Sedum sieboldii offers blue-green leaves that are often tinted purple. The cultivar Firestorm Sedum was first introduced in 2014 by the Huntington Botanic Garden. There are so many species and varieties of Sedum to choose from to add to your garden; from short and compact, to taller and with extended flowering times, to robust and reliable border performers. 18 Succulent Sedum Plant Varieties With Brilliant Pictures. One of the characteristics of the golden sedum forms small shrubs, with branched and crawling or hanging stems. Sedum (Sedum spp. no photos, music and videos are being claimed as own. Detailed coverage of invasive species threatening livelihoods and the environment worldwide. 1. Their vivid, spikey foliage grows upward … Gardenerdy briefs you on 18 sedum plant varieties with their pictures. Name: Sedum sieboldii Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil Size: to 4 inches tall Zones: 6-9 Native to North America: No Why We Love It: For its evergreen foliage that turns pink in winter. Sedum plants have succulent leaves. Scientific Classification. Cladus: Core eudicots. Star-shaped white flowers add winsome contrast to the greenish-yellow leaf color and those fiery margins. Species. It blooms with clusters of small, star-shaped white flowers. Well known European Sedums are Sedum acre, Sedum album, Sedum dasyphyllum, Sedum reflexum (also known as Sedum rupestre) and Sedum hispanicum. Family: Crassulaceae Subfamily: Sedoideae Tribe: Sedeae Subtribe: Sedinae Genus: Sedum. The resulting crossing of the two species of succulents has been classified as Graptosedum. Showcasing yellow-green leaves’ rosettes, it gets a red hue on the leaf margins when exposed to full sun. Gormania: (Britton) Clausen. 2. Adolph's Sedum, Golden Glow, Golden Glow Sedum, Golden Sedum. Common Names. Synonyms. HOME. Subfamilia: Sempervivoideae. Cladus: Angiosperms. Familia: Crassulaceae. Sedum x adolphii: A striking hybrid of Sedum adolphii.Yellow to green in color with triangular leaves outlined in red-orange. The name “Stonecrop” comes from how easy it is to care for this species. Species: Sedum nussbaumerianum. This succulent’s bright orange color stands out when it is exposed to heat, full sun, and little water. It has thick evergreen foliage that spots a tinge of yellow in normal light conditions. 110 species from Sempervivum, Aeonium and Leucosedum clades. This article explains the four methods of propagation (seeds, leaf cuttings, stem cuttings, and division) for sedum. They exhibit a number of beautiful varieties. Sedum Adolphii – Grow, Care, And Propagation Tips Leave a Comment / Succulent Types / By Flaminia Featured Image Credit @succumom Description Sedum adolphii is a lovely flowering succulent belonging to the Crassulaceae family and native to Mexico. In … A number of species, formerly classified as Sedum, are now a separate genus Hylotelephium. There are other types of Graptosedum. Sedum ternatum, commonly called three-leaved stonecrop (also commonly called whorled stonecrop), is a small, spreading, Missouri native perennial which typically occurs in damp locations along stream banks, bluff bases and stony ledges (as in stonecrop). Golden Sedum (Sedum adolphi) is a low-growing succulent plant with pointed dark green leaves. Golden Sedum also called as Sedum adolphii, Sedum nussbaumerianum, Coppertone Sedum, is species in the genus Sedum. Other cultivars include the … It is a stunning succulent plant with copper-tone foliage colour when grown in full sun makes this distinctive used in combination plantings. Major species. It is an incredibly versatile rangy color accent in succulent landscapes, borders and along pathways, or for spilling forth out of planters. Sedum Adolphii is commonly known as Golden Sedum,as well as Golden Glow. It is a somewhat bushy plant that can grow to two feet tall or more. Grows 3-6" high and spreads by creeping stems which root at the nodes. When it is exposed to sunlight it turns into red and orange.