Effective Internal Auditor Course

Course Objectives
This internal auditing course is designed to increase your understanding of auditing techniques. Using interactive workshops, simulated audits, case studies, you will develop practical audit skills, improve your evaluation and communication skills, refine your reporting skills and increase your ability to implement corrective action programs. This two-day course includes continuous assessment of attendee understanding.

Key Session Topics

  • Coordinating an effective audit program
  • Developing effective auditing techniques
  • Practicing auditing skills in interactive workshops
  • Identifying key activities for performing a successful audit
  • Evaluating the significance of audit findings
  • Improving communication skills for the presentation of audit findings
  • Reporting the findings and evaluations
  • Developing and implementing corrective action programs
  • Auditing continual improvement programs

Who Should Attend?

  • Quality professionals
  • Management representatives
  • Line managers
  • Anyone who will perform an internal audit
  • Individuals responsible for helping their company attain or retain ISO 9001 registration
  • Management personnel seeking to get more value out of their internal audit system