Quality Express offers a unique approach to Management System Consulting and Auditing

Why do our clients request this level of service? The answer is because of value! Our clients can measure the improvements to their management system from Quality Express’s consistent and professional consulting or auditing approach. Our clients aren’t the norm! Quality Express’s clients have always demanded more of themselves and more from their service providers. Quality Express listened!

Our unique approach doesn’t end there! QUALITY EXPRESS has assembled and continues to develop a highly qualified team of quality management consultants including Lead Auditors. Hands-on real life experiences with management systems is one of the keys to why QUALITY EXPRESS Consultants and Auditors are regarded nationally as professionals, diverse in experiences, deep in knowledge and trained on the practical way to approach a system or an audit. The Practical Way to approach a system or an audit has become a Quality Express slogan.

An audit, compliance or internal, can be a positive experience or it can be a very negative experience. While ensuring compliance to a given standard and a facilities own documented procedures is one aspect of an audit, QUALITY EXPRESS believes that the manner in which it is conducted, and the experiences gained, are also an important aspects of the audit process. We involve your team, talk to as many members of your organization as possible during the course of developing a quality management system or during the audit and keep the process open. QUALITY EXPRESS personnel encourage questions to be asked and provide prompt feedback. This is the Practical Way!