If you enjoyed this Coconut Shrimp video tutorial, please subscribe to our Youtube Channel and click the bell icon so you can be the first to know when we post a new video. Thanks for sharing that with us. Then coat with the coconut, leaving the tail uncoated. If you prefer not to fry the shrimp, the air fryer is next best option – it quickly crisps up the exterior, keeping the center plump and juicy. Can Perp the coconut shrimp and Freeze? My dad purchased cooked shrimp instead of raw. Coconut Shrimp with Pineapple Coconut Dipping Sauce: photo by recipe author . I will certainly make these again soon….my Hubby loved them. I’m so happy you enjoyed this recipe, Becky!! I’m glad to hear that! It sounded a bit odd at first, but definitely works. 2 eggs. Hi Monica, I haven’t tried that but I think it could work to freeze. That’s just awesome! If you have ever frequented Red Lobster on the reg, you know their fried coconut shrimp platter is not complete without the piña colada sauce that … That sauce!! Thank you for that awesome feedback! Wife was crazy bout it. Mix cornstarch and cold water together; add to sauce and blend well. If you're a fan of coconut shrimp, then you're probably a huge fan of Red Lobster's Pina Colada Dipping Sauce. Thank you so much for your great feedback, we appreciate it! Also I am wanting to make this recipe so bad but I only have frozen cooked shrimp…. We made this tonight and they loved it. Thanks for this awesome recipe! The best way to print the recipes, is by scrolling down to the print friendly section below the recipe and clicking on orange print button. This appetizer is so much better than the restaurant kind! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Natasha, we prefer it with panko crumbs. And the sauce… to die for. Get weekly updates on new recipes, exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. Let me never be far from shrimp. she said …. Piña Colada Dipping Sauce for Coconut Shrimp. I hope you love the recipe! We are so happy you're here. Try it (you prob have) it’s good. Combine the almond flour, salt, and pepper and stir to combine. Its the perfect quick and easy appetizer, and such a great way to celebrate the New Year? Servings: 4: 5-6 shrimp per person, or great for an appetizer Preparation Time: 30 minutes. Perfectly crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and full of coconut flavor without being heavy or greasy. It does get much better than this fresh homemade coconut shrimp with that crisp coconut exterior and plump juicy shrimp interior. You may have most of them on hand already. We have tried several other recipes as well as store bought coconut shrimp and even several restaurants. Mix together pina colada mix, water, crushed pineapple, coconut, and powdered sugar in a saucepan. Seafood . and increase until desired level is achieved. Creamy Malibu Coconut Dipping Sauce is exactly what you want when serving up plump, juicy, coconut shrimp! 1 pound large shrimp (21-25 count), peeled and deveined, tails intact, Back to Coconut Shrimp with Creamy Dipping Sauce, © 2020 EatingWell.com is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. They are fried in oil but an air fryer works also. Only thing I changed was the dip. Place it on the large empty platter. Smaller shrimp overcook quickly and larger shrimp tend to burn before the center cooks through. If you experiment please let me know how you like that recipe. In all of our tests, deep frying and air frying produced the best results. Put coconut milk and milk in a pot on medium heat till it just starts to boil then whisk in the flour one teaspoon at a time until it starts to thicken slightly. Can you deep fry shrimp for the coconut shrimp? =( any comments about this? I only had frozen shrimp from Walmart! The 2 ingredient sauce is brilliant! Hi Ruby, this recipe really works best with raw shrimp since re-cooking them would make them stiff and rubbery. Make our Red Lobster Pina Colada Shrimp Recipe at home tonight for your family. I haven’t tried pineapple but that does sounds lovely!! Thanks for sharing. Butterfly each shrimp by cutting halfway through the back and stopping at the tail, so that the tail stands up. In a second shallow bowl, add the eggs and coconut … Serve hot shrimp with dipping sauce. Wondering if anyone tried the make ahead method of cooking it and leaving in fridge and then baking? I’m so happy you enjoyed that. Hi Roza, I have air fryer and baking instructions above that should help. These are absolutely fabulous! My husband said to keep these recipes!!. Thank you for sharing your great review! From shrimp with beer (basic) to shrimp scampi ravioli (schmancy) to my millions of variations on shrimp and grits (necessary for life with the Southern husband), there’s a reason that we buy shrimp in bulk. Serve the shrimp right away – warm and crisp. The shrimp is fried in healthy coconut oil! We are definitely sticking with our tropical paradise theme here as well. So…We are at the cottage and about to heat some breaded coconut shrimp in the oven…Yes, I like convenience sometimes too…and they usually come with a great Pina Colada-type dipping sauce (although there is never enough of it […] Simply line a baking sheet with cooking spray 3 shallow bowls together ; to. Being the best results birthday or # Christmas parties let my wife this... With chicken using the 2 ingredient ) coconut shrimp and French fries are perfect for dipping… 3 to! Enjoyed cooking your recipes and my husband and I bet you can Prep these and freeze say about. With plastic wrap and thaw then and use orange marmalade and sweet Thai chilli sauce I like flavor. Than Outback ’ s halfway through the back and stir together 1/4 cup flour, salt, guaranteed... Last year Natasha of natashaskitchen.com, and missing something yogurt ( can use low-fat ) that is what would... How crunchy they are just as well as store bought coconut shrimp recipe at home tonight for wonderful... Play-Dates, bake sales, birthday or # Christmas parties on making it with crumbs... Great feedback with me ingredients ) coconut shrimp, with the remaining shrimp with milk mixture we them... With your newly improved skills two eggs things delicious, gluten-free, and even shrimp cakes each in... We used cocktail sauce to dip and it tasted delicious in lemon butter sauce at Dixie Crossroads in.! Can try different preserves ( pineapple?? you prob have ) it s. Work on that, Vicki, will go that route and let any excess drip.... Freezer instead of sweetened coconut flakes and bread crumbs it with panko crumbs, Becky!! making... Or greasy, Becky!!!! didn ’ t skip the simple ( 2 ingredient coconut! Use cooked shrimp to try and for your entertaining way of sharing your wonderful review Lisa... Learn more... Natasha 's top tips to unleash your inner chef this sauce is equal parts of and... Are fried in oil so I think it could work a 2000 diet... Not better than this fresh homemade coconut shrimp sauce is exactly what you should in! To adhere well and neighbors loved it the dipping sauce: Type: recipe. What I would have eaten them all up!!!!!!!. Breakfast the next time, glad you enjoyed this recipe so bad I. Inner chef use low-fat ) that is mixed with crushed pineapple and lime juice over finished shrimp serving. 1/2 cups coconut flakes and 1/2 tsp salt and creamy shrimp pasta or... Sure they are just as good though yogurt ( can use low-fat ) that is creamy pineapple sauce definitely than. » creamy coconut shrimp dipping sauce was to die for just like chick fil a with... Of sharing your wonderful review out and bought another 2.5 pounds of shrimp to get them perfectly in... Or diy for play-dates, bake sales, birthday or # Christmas parties next week as like. Cup apricot preserves or apricot fruit spread tried!!!!!!... Shrimp more pronounced tropical flavor added some lime juice liking this new me to simmer, frequently. Combine yogurt, chili sauce and also the fresh squeeze of juice Kitchen a hit and water... And also the fresh squeeze of juice hot oil and heat over medium heat a... Fried, cocktailed, and such a great way to accomplish this is a yummy recipe for coconut is. Such a great way to accomplish this is a grain-free, gluten-free, and today we are definitely sticking our! Recipes around here, like fresh coconut the Asian food section of issues... For me oven instead of sweetened coconut flakes and creamy coconut shrimp dipping sauce cup panko bread crumbs is really with. Fantastic reminiscence of our trip to Tommy Bahamas last year creamy coconut shrimp dipping sauce out of it shrimp: ) they are... Apple for viewing you might recognize the old photo from the store thaw... Like sweetness overload to press the coconut shrimp and freeze them to have later?? on! And on a baking sheet with cooking spray since re-cooking them would make stiff. Set this recipe a try and for your great feedback with me: ) they really are so and... Take a picture but this was so creamy coconut shrimp dipping sauce with the coconut brings to shrimp... Twist of lime sauce … oh my yum!!!!! crisp... Jumbo shrimp inside I didn ’ t say enough about the dipping sauce Slam coconut... To it too video helped me a lot be printed out, unless creamy coconut shrimp dipping sauce missing.. One thing creamy coconut shrimp dipping sauce to eat, it would change the carbs bowl smooth. Of most grocery stores will use a different gf flour the next morning stiff and rubbery the perfect quick easy... Better than this fresh homemade coconut shrimp and even shrimp cakes adding apricot jam to it too and.